Sunday, October 14, 2012

Foodie photos from this year

I upgraded my awful Blackberry (yes, I went there) to an iPhone 4S this year. And while I've been lazy about blogging working on some other projects, my foodie pics are turning out much better. Here are some of my tastiest memories captured this year!

Beaut BBQ Corn from the Norfolk Hotel
A little pineapple upside down cake
A lovely tuna with anchovy paste - my talented partner's creation
This was just some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for a Sunday brekkie
A few of my favourite dishes, pork belly with crackling, sticky rice with Chinese sausage and beans. I saw that the local pub had this dish on the menu - but I have to say, my version's better. ;-)
Prawn congee - the perfect comfort food to nurse a cold

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